Past Projects

SHIP has been pivotal for the following groups, activities or events to be occurring in and around Port Melbourne.

Healthy eating on a budget toolkit

The Healthy eating on a budget toolkit was developed by Dietitian students to provide tips on how to eat a nutritious diet without breaking the bank. Featuring nutritional information as well as quick recipes, download your copy below.

Waterfront Welcomers

The Waterfront Welcomers project began in 2015 as a new approach to social and economic development which trained local residents to act as ambassadors for Port Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip. Operating at Station Pier, the Welcomers welcome cruise-ship visitors to Port Melbourne, and provide information about the history, heritage, culture, attractions and activities of Port Melbourne and surrounds. It provides a warm welcome and useful information to visitors, encouraging them to spend more time in Port Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip. It helps to create a vibrant and active Port Melbourne Waterfront as well as provides local residents with the opportunity to gain training, experience and skills in customer service and tourism. The project has successfully celebrated and promoted the history, heritage and culture of their local area, and the volunteers have enjoyed the significant health benefits that volunteering has been shown to deliver
through improved self-esteem, being active, and making new connections. It is innovative in that it brings together local residents, the neighbourhood centre, a community health centre and the business community to work together to make the suburb more vibrant.

Port Melbourne Street Art Project

SHIP is excited to announce an art/mural project based right here in Port Melbourne. This project is aimed at bringing the community together and is an opportunity for young artists to share their creativity with the rest of Port Melbourne.

How walkable is Port Melbourne?

This report was compiled to determine the walkability of Port Melbourne. Feedback contained in the report was sent to the City of Port Phillip to help improve walkability of our local area. You can view the report below.

PORTogether 5, 6, 7

PORTogether 5 was a film making course with a focus on course editing /postproduction process for aspiring film makers. Film-makers were asked to film a documentary about a local Port Melbourne based community group in order to highlight the fantastic work that happens in Port Melbourne. Some of the community organisations which were chosen were: South Port Urban Responsible Renewal, Port Melbourne Uniting Church’s Simply Living Program, Boomerang Bags, the City of
Voices, the Walking Woof Club, the Australian National Academy of Music and Friends of Westgate Park (now Westgate Biodiversity – Bili Nursery and Landcare).

PORTogether 6 – Film makers from PORTogether 5 wanted to build on their skills in filming and editing a documentary.
Previously they had worked in teams, but in PORTogether 6 they researched, organised interviews, shot footage and edited the whole project independently. Films were produced about the Port Melbourne Trugo club, the Youth Street Art Project, the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club, Port Colts Women’s Team, the Little Free Libraries in Port Melbourne and 3207 Beach Patrol.

PORTogether 7 – “A Place To Call Home” : The film makers participating in the PORTogether program (a partnership between SHIP, PPCG and Housing First) made a documentary about the importance of social housing
in Port Melbourne, both to individuals who are able to stay in the suburb where they have family and community connections but also to the wider community through its preservation of diversity in the area. It is a heartwarming story about a rapidly changing Port Melbourne, about community
connection and a celebration of the important service that social housing provides. Previous experience was shared and new skills were developed.  Producer, Director, Screen-writer, Camera, Sound and Light persons were all actively engaged with residents of Kyme Place in realizing an
evolving vision celebrating Port Melbourne’s modern, architecturally-significant model social housing.

Intergenerational Project

Star Health, SHIP and Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children Centre has begun to pilot an intergenerational project between 4 local seniors and 3 & 4 year old children.

Port: More Active, More Often

This report highlights all the different ways you can be active in and around Port Melbourne. Download your copy below.

Sandridge Trugo Club Youth Street Art Project

Like many areas of Melbourne, Port Melbourne is experiencing rapid change. Young people are typically left out of decision-making when it comes to urban development, resulting in two thirds of
youth feeling excluded from their city (Youthful Cities Survey, 2016). This is evident in Port Melbourne in the rise of antisocial behaviour that’s divided the community. CoDesign Studio in collaboration with PMNC and SHIP built the capacity of community partners to empower youth through a replicable model for neighbourhood improvement work in order to ensure disengaged youth have a strong voice in the conversation about their community’s future. We proposed to:

  • Increase the sense of belonging through recreational activities that provide opportunities for people to come together
  • Explore through pop up installations with what the community would like to see this area
  • Create artwork on the in Port Melbourne through collaboration between professional street artists and the local young people.
  • Give young people an opportunity to have creative input and ownership over a mural in Port Melbourne.

Partners on the project were:
CoDesign Studio, SHIP, Make Your Mark, 90 DEGREES GRAFFITI ART

Edwards Park Youth Street Art Project

The Edwards Park Art project was a partnership between the City of Port Phillip Council, youth arts project Make Your Mark @streetartentrepreneurs, Social Health Inclusion Port (SHIP), CoDesign Studio  working with well-known local artist Danny Awes from 90 Degrees and a resident street artist facilitator Dave Turner (aka Drahtfunkart). Following on from completing a successful mural at the Sandridge Community Centre, the group worked with Council to secure funding from the Victorian
Government’s Department of Justice, Community Crime Prevention Program. The project started in September and culminated with the painting of the mural during an onsite “live studio” at Edwards Park in Port Melbourne on Sunday 25th November 2018
The mural was designed and painted by the Make Your Mark local youth under the guidance of Dan from 90 Degrees and Drahtfunkart.