& Governance

Information on the Committee

The SHIP Community Committee is made up of residents and representatives from local agencies. Members bring experience, skills and knowledge to support the project. Our agency partners include Star Health, City of Port Phillip, Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre and South Port Day Links.

The SHIP Community Committee meets bimonthly on a Monday for 2 hours. Decisions are made by consensus.

Our Values:

  • We are fun, social, inclusive, creative and healthy
  • We support residents to turn ideas into action
  • We celebrate the good things about the Port Melbourne community
  • We promote healthy environments and lifestyles
  • We bring the old and new Port together
  • We support residents to gain skills, share their skills, or link to other residents who have the skills and knowledge to help projects and activities to get off the ground
  • We partner with local groups and agencies and to run activities and projects
  • We engage with a diverse range of people with all abilities

Our Members:

  • Provide direction and support for the implementation of the SHIP project
  • Develop an annual plan
  • Attend and contribute to meetings
  • Promote linkages and partnerships between SHIP and the Port Melbourne community
  • Contribute to projects of interest
  • Liaise with SHIP supporters (agencies community groups or community leaders)

Our Supporters:

Our Supporters may be representatives from local agencies, community groups or community leaders who are interested in supporting SHIP activities and events by assisting with promotions, sharing activities and events on social media and linking residents to resources.

We are always on the lookout for new members or supporters of SHIP. If you are interested in becoming a member or a supporter, please get in touch with us.